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AS IS PROBABLY OBVIOUS FROM THE OUT-OF-DATE CONTENT OF THIS SITE, LEFTFORUM HAS LANGUISHED SOMEWHAT IN THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS. I NO LONGER HAVE TIME TO MANAGE THE SITE, HOWEVER I WOULD BE KEEN TO HAND OVER THE REIGNS TO ANOTHER EDITOR. IF YOU FEEL LIKE TAKING ON THIS PROJECT (IT WAS VERY ENJOYABLE AND ILLUMINATING!) PLEASE CONTACT ME AT DRDJHALL@AOL.COM AND WE CAN GET THE SHOW BACK ON THE ROAD (I'D BE KEEN STILL TO WRITE ARTICLES IN THE FUTURE. LEFTforum is a Socialist group with a dual purpose. Firstly, it is a collective of socialists coming together to write articles and to discuss various issues: in that sense this is our ON-LINE JOURNAL and we hope that you enjoy it. The LEFTforum web-page is also a good starting point for exploring the left on the web. Left/Socialist campaigns will also be directed from this web-space. The website also has an associated email discussion group, details of which can be found at the bottom of this page. LEFTforum has been convened by experienced, young Socialists in the United Kingdom, but we want this to be a forum for INTERNATIONAL Socialist organisation. LEFTforum depends on articles and reviews from readers.

Inside LEFTforum

Consumers Too?
By Chris Williams
Is NATO better than Milosevic?
By Severian
Rambouillet: Trigger For War
By Peter Schwartz
Stop the Bombing
By Duncan Hall
Report From a College Student in Guangzhou ...
Why I`m Leaving Parliament
By Tony Benn
One-nationism: a response to Tony Blairís leaderís speech
By Neil Ormerod
Globalisation, the EC and the 21st Century UK Politics
By 'Roy Blackhall'

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